Small Town Hospital Makes Big Difference

Even though it seems like all we see on the news is car accidents and robberies, that isn’t always the case. News gathering can often take some of the best reporters off the typical beaten paths and lead them to very special human interest stories.  These are the kind of stories that take a little extra time to produce, but can capture the essence of a community, a relationship or a feeling.

Recently, KTBS the ABC News affiliate in Shreveport, Louisiana  ventured out to Atlanta, Texas.  Rick Rowe, a veteran news reporter, visited with the people of CHRISTUS St. Michael Hospital-Atlanta

“We were thrilled to be the focus of Rick’s story,” said Thomas McKinney CHRISTUS St. Michael’s Administrator.  ” I really thought KTBS did a great job in capturing our mission piece as it related to the community while addressing the reality facing the community.”

Thomas McKinney Photo
Thomas McKinney, Administrator CHRISTUSSt. Michael Hospital-Atlanta

 The story captured exactly what good stories do…the great community, relationships and feelings that are CHRISTUS St. Michael Hospital-Atlanta.


Stories from the Heart



If you want to know more about the hospital you have to know more about the city.  In the city of Atlanta, there’s a big billboard that will greet you that says “One City Under God.”  The faith based community is a nice fit to a health care ministry with a mission “To extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.”

Atlanta Hospital Photo 2014
CHRISTUS St. Michael Hospital-Atlanta  1007 S. William St., Atlanta, TX 75551

“We have Catholic traditions and choose to honor our heritage every day and in everything we do.  Our city and our hospital marry up nicely,” explained McKinney.

The hospital is the only one in Cass County and boasts several achievements during the past couple of years.  CHRISTUS St. Michael Hospital-Atlanta leads all hospitals within the CHRISTUS System in patient satisfaction.  It is in the 95th percentile, and with happy patients comes happy employees.  The hospital  has the highest Associate satisfaction scores in the CHRISTUS system at the 98th percentile.

“We have no secret.  We just don’t use words like ‘It’s not my job.’  Everyone helps everyone.  We are committed to growing new services to this community so our community can receive exceptional health care services right here close to  their own home.”