When the Little things Go a Long Way


In the big Dallas Metroplex, tucked into the city of Coppell, there is a small community in the city of Coppell, Texas called CHRISTUS St. Joseph Village.

At the entrance, off Sandy Lake Road, there are rows of private and tidy cottages.  Drive in further, and you find more living spaces in the form of spacious apartments.  Inside, there are rooms for community, dining, reading and recreation.  You will also find the cornerstone of the faith-based community, a lovely chapel.

CHRISTUS St. Joseph Village is an assisted living and retirement community.  The residents live in what’s been described as a hidden gem.  But, that doesn’t mean these residents are hiding.  They are very much a part of a larger community, one that is dedicated to the CHRISTUS mission of extending the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, which is why one can often see them doing amazing deeds for others.

For instance, a group of CHRISTUS St. Joseph Village women are part of a club called Nimble Fingers.  These residents meet on Monday afternoons and create homemade items of comfort.  This active group of dedicated sewers, crafters and quilters come together to share stories and creative ideas.  The group makes beautiful blankets and stuffed toys. They share their talent to help another group of residents.  These recipients of these gifts are much younger than the club members.   They are the youngsters who are living temporarily at the Ronald McDonald House.   The home like environment offered at the Ronald McDonald House is for families with critically ill or injured children who must travel to Dallas to fulfill their health care needs.  The children and often their siblings are going through a difficult time, and that’s where Nimble Fingers Club’s donation is meant to help.  As a true token of comfort, the items are gifts aimed to reduce the everyday stresses that no child should have to experience.  So, as long as their hands will allow it the Nimble Fingers club has no plans to slow down.  They will continue to offer their talents supporting those who are in need.

Comfort Fish