A Legacy that Transcends

CHRISTUS Muguerza Celebrates 15th Anniversary of Important Alliance

In 2001, the partnership between CHRISTUS Health and Grupo Muguerza became a reality, and CHRISTUS Muguerza was born


To understand how far Mexico’s most prestigious health care institution has come one has to look back to 1932.  That’s when a Mexican entrepreneur and philanthropist by the name of Don José A. Muguerza and his wife Adelaida experienced a deep frustration with the quality of health care one of their daughters received.  The daughter, Mercedes, fell gravely ill and needed surgery. After the procedure, her parents were astonished to see the nurses carrying their daughter in a stretcher up multiple flights of stairs.  They decided something had to be done and worked to make the best and most modern health care services available in the city of Monterrey.  That was just the beginning.  Hospital Muguerza was born.

Don José and Doña Adelaida knew one of the most important parts of medical attention was spiritual support. So they reached out to the Sisters of the Charity of the Incarnate Word and asked them to assist with the hospital. Years later, after the Muguerza family had formed Grupo Muguerza, a formal alliance was formed with CHRISTUS Health, thus forming CHRISTUS MUGUERZA and establishing a definitive bond between the family and the congregation along with all the sponsors of CHRISTUS.  (The Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word of Houston and San Antonioare the founding Congregations of CHRISTUS Health).  In 2001, the partnership between CHRISTUS Health and Grupo Muguerza became a true reality.


CHRISTUS MUGUERZA is the largest Catholic health care system in northern Mexico, with presence in the states of Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, Tamaulipas, Chihuahua and Puebla.

“The growth of the ministry of CHRISTUS in Mexico is one of the signs that this alliance was meant to be. Just as it happened with CHRISTUS and Grupo Muguerza, it happened with the Leal family, in Chihuahua; with UPAEP, in Puebla, or with Grupo Vitro, in Monterrey. CHRISTUS’ growth in Mexico has been from the people, hospitals and families that are related to our mission, who are looking for a company that respects their legacy and makes it grow”. Sister Teresa Maya, CCVI, Congregational Leader, San Antonio, Texas.


After 15 years of providing medical care with the highest standards of quality, CHRISTUS MUGUERZA has earned itself a reputation as one of the country’s most prestigious institutions thanks to its cutting-edge medicine in transplants, and complex treatments in specialties such as cardiology, oncology, and neurology.

In addition to its hospital services, it also offers timely and accessible care through its Outpatient Medical, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Centers, as well as the fastest ambulance system in Mexico.

Since the partnership, CHRISTUS MUGUERZA has been able to provide vital social services like providing free medical care to more than 1.3 million people. Four social assistance clinics in Monterrey, Chihuahua and Saltillo, and an Adoption Center in Monterrey make good health care accessible to these communities. In addition, two nursing schools: one in Monterrey, in association with Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM), and another one in Chihuahua, with Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua (UANL) keep highly qualified, bright nurses in the CHRISTUS family.


“I am very grateful to the Muguerza family for helping us to start this journey that turned us into an international ministry. Thank you for being the founding fathers of this international health system.” – Ernie Sadau, CEO of CHRISTUS Health.

Today, more than 5,000 Associates of CHRISTUS MUGUERZA in Mexico celebrate the first 15 years of the alliance between CHRISTUS Health and Grupo MUGUERZA, renewing their commitment to develop healthier communities, and continue to fulfill their mission to Extend the Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ.