Establishing Equity of Patient Care

American Hospital Association Honors CHRISTUS with Equity of Care Award

 Four hospitals receive honors


Jerry Madrigal lost a toe to diabetes, but he got his disease and weight under control with help from a diabetic support program at CHRISTUS Spohn Health System. The support program was  created to address health disparities in Corpus Christi.  Jerry and countless other people have been  helped thanks to CHRISTUS Health’s pledge to eliminate obstacles that lead some groups of people to experience higher death rates and shorter survival rates than others in this country.

On July 18,  CHRISTUS Health will receive the AHA Equity of Care Award, from the American Hospital Association (AHA) .  The award recognizes hospitals for their efforts to reduce health care disparities and advance diversity within the organization’s leadership, board and workforce.

  • MetroHealth in Cleveland;
  • Navicent Health in Macon, Ga.;
  • West Tennessee Healthcare in Jackson, Tenn. will be recognized as honorees.

The award will be presented  at the Health Forum/AHA Leadership Summit in San Diego.

“Our winners’ efforts to reduce health care disparities and foster diversity within their leadership and staff offer powerful examples for the rest of the field,” said AHA President and CEO Rick Pollack. “They show what can be achieved to ensure that care is equitable for all.”

The AHA Equity of Care Award was created to recognize outstanding efforts among hospitals and health care systems to advance equity of care to all patients and to spread lessons learned and progress toward achieving health equity.

Last year, the AHA launched the #123forEquity campaign to accelerate the progress of the National Call to Action to ensure equitable care for all persons in every community.

For the past five years, CHRISTUS Health has made a concerted effort to ensure that diversity at the leadership and governance ranks in gender, race and ethnicity are more representative of the communities it serves.

It is continuing those efforts by having a “culture of health equity, diversity and inclusion” as one of its pillars of its “Compass 2020” strategic direction.

CHRISTUS Health is building a culture responsive to data that will inform community realities, which in turn channel investments to impact population health. The organization has worked with community partners on innovative programs that are designed to engage the community by specifically targeting its most vulnerable members.

We believe this is a national issue important to all of us. Every hospital and health system should be committed to making sure every patient receives the best and most coordinated care possible.As CHRISTUS Health, we strive to provide equitable care–the same high quality, compassionate care to everyone–because it is part of who we are.

But, diversity and inclusion aren’t new ideas to  CHRISTUS Health.  Their importance was instilled in us by the Sisters of our Sponsoring Congregations. They remind us that every person is a creation of God, and all have value and deserve respect.

Mother Madeline said this in 1869 and it still holds true….

We hope to meet the needs of the patients entrusted to our care by providing for them healthy rooms, good food and attentive nursing; and for this reason we take the liberty to solicit not only the assistance of the authorities entrusted with the welfare of the poor, but also the kind offices of the physicians of this place.  The hospital will be open to “all persons without distinction of nationality or creed.”