Pokémon Go! a Hit with Seniors


A group of fun-loving senior citizens in Coppell, Texas are getting their game on thanks to a Pokémon Go 101 tutorial.  The interactive augmented reality mobile phone game has garnered the interest of people of all ages including more than 20 seniors in the retirement community of CHRISTUS St. Joseph Village on Sandy Lake Road.

These are smart seniors with smart phones who wanted in on the fad and the fun.  Even those still sporting old-fashioned flip phones got a chance to observe from their neighbors how it feels to catch an illusive virtual critter.

CHRISTUS Health’s Public Relations Manager Katy Kiser, and Social Media Specialist Meghan Vital, conducted the tutorial which included sharing their own past experiences of trading cards, video games, and watching the animated features.  After the presentations, many of the elderly residents were intrigued and requested help signing up to become an avatar trainer so to learn how to throw their own poké balls and light their own incense.

For Doris Faulkner, a member of the greatest generation, and others just like her, learning the game was a thrilling chance to connect with a different group of people.


Meanwhile, Carol Foote found out she was a natural at the game.  She attracted a number of Pokemons in a matter of minutes.  She told the group she came with the “natural incense.”  Incense is an item in the game that attracts Pokemon to a trainer’s location, regardless of where they are.


“This was such a fantastic event,” said Vital as she worked with the residents to learn the game.  “Not only do we love helping these residents learn how to connect with their grandchildren through learning Pokemon Go!, but I feel like we really made a connection with them ourselves. I look forward to continued activities with CHRISTUS St. Joseph Village.”



Debbi Klinger, CHRISTUS St. Joseph’s Director of Resident Services, gathered a group of residents who were interested in attending the class so they could understand what all the hype is about and have the opportunity to play the game themselves.

“I was surprised that a few of our residents are avid ‘gamers’ and were looking forward to learning how to play the game,” said Klinger. “Like many, they have heard about it on the news, but didn’t know the history and the objective of the game.”


Debbie Klinger and Katy Kiser from CHRISTUS Health look over Wanda Warren (in pink) and Vickie Kuykendall, two CHRISTUS St. Joseph residents as they capture a Pokemon
Jean Reilly from CHRISTUS St. Joseph Village choosing her Avatar