CHRISTUS Helps Support Students

There are thousands of families within the Catholic Schools of Dallas who make sacrifices in order to ensure their students are given the opportunity to experience solid moral and social development in the classroom. And, sadly there are many more families who are denied these opportunities because of financial circumstances.

Finding a place in the classroom for these kids, is something that’s important to CHRISTUS and one of the reasons why the health system chooses to be a title sponsor for the Bishop Farrell Invitational.

The September golf tournament at the Four Seasons in Las Colinas benefits students like 9-year old Anthony from Immaculate Conception Catholic School. This deserving 4th grader wants to be a scientist one day.

Anthony Rodriguez2


On Friday, Anthony and a handful of other students got a chance to meet Ernie Sadau, the President and Chief Executive Officer of CHRISTUS Health and many other grown-ups working to make sure they can thrive in their Catholic Schools.

Sadau says he looks forward to presenting the scholarships to the children each year as he gets to see their warm smiles, learn of their studies and find out what they want to be when they grow up.




As a health care leader, Sadau appreciates that so many of these students want to be doctors when they grow up.

“We want these students to stay successful in life even if they don’t come to work for us.” explained Sadau with a smile. “Seeing the kids is an example of the great work the Church can do in our communities and we’re glad to support the Diocese of Dallas because they’re keeping these children grounded in the values, foundations and moral teachings of the Catholic Church.”

The Superintendent of the Catholic Schools of Dallas, Dr. Matt Vereeck, was also on hand and thanked CHRISTUS and others for their support.

“Those of us in the Catholic Schools in Dallas have two goals for every student: College and Heaven. Thanks for helping us reach those goals.”


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