CHRISTUS Nurse Returns From 2016 Summer Olympics Volunteer Work

The Olympic Committee received more than 240,000 applications for the 70,000 volunteer spots open for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.  The role of an Olympic volunteer is an important one. Called the ‘Games Makers,’ the volunteers work in nine areas: sports, media and communications, customer service, operational support, production of ceremonies, protocol and languages, technology, transport and health care.

A nurse from Tyler, Texas was one of about 5,000 lucky applicants selected to play an important part in the health care arena for this summer’s biggest sporting event.

Thirty-year-old Marvin Delfin just returned from Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday after getting to spend almost a month in the Olympic Village.

Delfin loves his work as a nurse at CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances in Northeast Texas, but for 21 days he had the thrilling experience of being able to provide health care services for athletes and delegations from more than 200 countries.

Eager to take part, Delfin described his experience as thrilling and an inspiration. He was part of an elite group working in a medical facility at the Olympic Village.

“ ‘Nursing for me is not just taking care of sick people,’ ” Delfin told a reporter at the Tyler Morning Telegraph upon his return. “ ‘Nursing for me is life. We’re there for support, to give care, relief and education. Nurses have a lot of hats to wear. Nursing can actually bring you to the Olympics.’ ”

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