Halloween Safety Tips From a Doctor


 On The Trick-or-Treat Trail: 

Tell us about the types of injuries you can get while making neighborhood rounds and how best to avoid them?

Trip and fall injuries due to low visibility, costumes that drag the ground, unfamiliar terrain are common.

The terrifying prospect of motor vehicle-pedestrian collisions is thankfully rare.

Solutions:   Choose costumes without dragging hems and cuffs.  Carry a flashlight and mind the path.  Reflective costumes or Scotch lite strips make the little sprites and goblins more visible to motorists.

 Dressed to Go Places:

Are there any types of costumes children and/or adults should avoid for health and safety purposes?

Avoid long capes, scarves and gowns that pose a tripping hazard.  Parents should ensure that kids’ masks offer ample lateral vision.

In the regions CHRISTUS serves, Halloween night can sometimes be warm.  Be mindful that kids can overheat.

Healthy Halloween:

Though tampering is rare, any advice for parents when examining Halloween treats?

Sift through the booty and discard any loose treats or damaged packaging.

What should parents consider doing to help their child avoid getting a stomachache from too much candy?

Confiscate the Halloween haul, and bag the contents into resealable bags for dispensing in appropriate daily quantity.

Kids (and too many adults) are getting way too much sugar anyway.

Carving a Niche:

Are there any tips you can offer those planning to carve pumpkins?

Use a sharp knife, always cutting AWAY from the body or fingers.  Parents should assess their older kids’ carving skills on a case-by-case basis. 

Carving isn’t a job for very young children, but they can draw the designs for their parents to duplicate.

Safe on the Home Front: 

Is there anything in particular you would advise those planning to trick-or-treat or attend Halloween parties?

Plan the evening, supervise and set a curfew as appropriate.  For the adults, consume alcohol in moderation, and ALWAYS have a Designated Driver for rides home.