Voting for the First Time in His Life

Alberto Bermudez was 13-years old when his father got a job in the United States and his family made a move from  Venezuela in South America to the Mid-Western part of the United States. Now at the age of 31 and as a U.S. Citizen, Bermudez cast his first ballot Tuesday.


The father of two now lives north-west of Dallas, and is one of thousands of new immigrant voters who took steps to register to vote during a divisive election season.  He registered to vote, about a month ago, right at the deadline.

As an application analyst, Bermudez uses his bilingual skill-set to help CHRISTUS with its international ministry across South America and Mexico.  He takes part in the work being done by CHRISTUS to deliver exceptional health care across the United States and in Latin America.

“I chose to vote because it is about my kids future,” explained Bermudez. Four years ago, during the last presidential election, he wasn’t yet a U.S. citizen.    He became a U.S. citizen three years ago in September 2013.

Bermudez sat down to chat with us on the second floor of CHRISTUS Health’s Headquarters. We didn’t talk about who he voted for, but instead focused on the why he voted.

“In Venezuela, people wait half-a-day to vote, sometimes 15-16 hours,” Bermudez said and told us casting his vote this morning was an easy one.

“I arrived at my polling location at 6:40 a.m.  I wanted to be there before the polls opened.  I made sure to call my dad to make sure he was voting up in Ohio.  He was also at his voting location early.  I showed my  driver’s license and voted.  I feel happy about it.”

At CHRISTUS, leaders encouraged all Associates to take time to exercise their important right and vote through a campaign called CHRISTUS Cares. CHRISTUS Votes.