CHRISTUS Wins Huge Award for Excellence

CHRISTUS Health might be a 150-year-old ministry but it is anything but vintage when it comes to the delivery of care in the 21st century.  And in these times of unparalleled technological innovation and the sometimes enormous cost associated with it, CHRISTUS Health was named the best health care system to control costs, leverage technology and improve the quality and delivery of patient care.

That’s the word from the highly respected Technology Business Management (TBM) Council. The non-profit organization is made up of high-profile industry leaders and academics from across the globe.  And at their recent annual conference, in front of the vanguard of technology business management expertise, TBM recognized CHRISTUS Health with a Strategy and Planning Excellence Award.

What is a Strategy and Planning Excellence Award?

This award recognizes information technology (IT) leaders who have found a way to bridge the gap between IT resources and a company’s business goals to ensure IT is planning in accordance with strategic business imperatives.  In other words, not a cog in the operations wheel, but instead a highly visible centralized department needed to improve everyday operations.

Why did CHRISTUS Health receive the Award?

Over the last year, CHRISTUS Health has grown substantially.  As the number of assets climbed and the ministry expanded deeper into Latin America and Northeast Texas, CHRISTUS Health had to create new ways to save money and avoid additional costs associated with its rapid growth.  In order to contain IT spending and improve IT leverage, a group of forward-thinking CHRISTUS Associates began to model and report on the total cost of ownership of 1,200 technical applications.  They were able to identify every month how much CHRISTUS was spending by health service and the applications associated with that service. That’s when a culture of stronger transparency and better communication unfolded, which led to the approval of an IT budget that’s easier to understand.

CHRISTUS Health: Now a Benchmark in the Industry

 In good company, CHRISTUS shares the TBM Awards honor with other recognizable brands like ExxonMobil, FedEx, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, KeyBank and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

“This year’s award winners have risen to the challenge, bridging the gap between IT and the rest of their organizations, forging new paths that allow their businesses to be dynamic leaders in their respective industries,” said Chris Pick,  President, TBM Council and CMO, Apptio.

Check out the details of how CHRISTUS’ Better Planning Led to Better Outcomes in this TBM Council’s CHRISTUS Health Case Study: