Welcome to the World, CHRISTUS Babies!

CHRISTUS hospitals recognize the birth of a New Year’s baby with a showering of special gifts and praise. The special birth just moments before or after the New Year also receives a multitude of media attention.

Those who work in CHRISTUS Labor and Delivery love the opportunity to have the bragging rights that they were the first team to bring in the baby of the New Year closest to the midnight mark.

Those special birth announcements also go out to the local media. The following afternoon, or as soon as mom is up for it, reporters come to talk to the family.

These CHRISTUS New Year’s babies represent optimism, blessings and a great fresh start into 2017.  Here’s a closer look at some of their sweet stories.

‘He’s  going to be something special’ CHRISTUS St. Vincent

New Year’s Baby Born Just After Midnight-CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System

Corpus Christi’s First 2017 Baby Born at 9:23 a.m.-CHRISTUS Spohn

Jasper has a New Year’s baby

In San Antonio, the  Alamo City New Year baby receives a college scholarship, favors from local businesses and a great gift from CHRISTUS Santa Rosa.

Welcome, Jayme! San Antonio’s first baby of 2017 arrives-CHRISTUS Santa Rosa