A Healing Adventure

The Healing Power of Your Environment

Keeping our patients smiling is good on the psyche.  Just ask the Associates in the CHRISTUS Wound Care & Hyperbaric Center at CHRISTUS Shreveport-Bossier where they work to make their work environment one of the happiest places on earth.



Combine a T-Rex Costume with this spirited group and you get a hilarious prehistoric environment in which one of their youngest and bravest of patients, Hudson Bundy, can heal.



Before he celebrated his third birthday, Hudson had already undergone four separate operations to address a condition known as hypospadias.  This is a birth abnormality of the urethra that is relatively common in baby boys.  In young Hudson’s case, doctors had to perform several procedures and skin grafts to help his body heal.

This is what led the Bundy family to CHRISTUS Wound Care & Hyperbaric Center.

Rawr like a Dinosaur!!!!

Hudson’s hyperbaric treatment regimen was led by a wound care physician, Stephen Ramey, M.D.  The therapy consists of 24 painless 90-minute sessions in a pressurized chamber filled with pure oxygen to encourage healthy blood flow to tissue impacted by surgery.

The process  was made less real-life scary by the CHRISTUS Associates who got to know Hudson’s personality and then worked to create a relaxing and fun environment in order to make things less stressful in his new surroundings.

Popular cartoon characters also made an appearance, and, on one occasion, the CHRISTUS team transformed the oxygen chamber into a rocket ship.

“Hudson had so much fun.  Everyone made him feel comfortable and welcome,” said Hudson’s mother Apryl Bundy.  “We were scared, as any family would be, before trying something new.  But, the CHRISTUS health care providers were so committed to all of us and took away our fears.  We couldn’t have asked for a better group.”