Operational Strength

Once a year, a week rolls by in May in which CHRISTUS celebrates National Hospital Week.

From providing medical care in CHRISTUS facilities to running vital programs in multinational communities, there are nearly 45,000 CHRISTUS Associates and more than 15,000 physician partners who are committed to supporting the health and well-being of their neighbors.

The person who heads up operations for CHRISTUS Health is Jeff Puckett.  And, this year, right at the start of this May 2017 Hospital Week, Jeff has earned some high profile recognition. He’s been named part of Modern Healthcare’s inaugural program called Top 25 COOs in Healthcare 2017

If anyone knows how complex CHRISTUS can be at times, it is Jeff.  He’s spent 25 years at CHRISTUS, navigating the organization through a lot of partnerships both in the United States and Latin America.© ClemPhoto.Com  210-862-0843

CHRISTUS subsidaries operate in 6 U.S. states as well as 6 states in Mexico, 24 cities in Colombia and 1 state in Chile.  CHRISTUS operates in a variety of markets, both domestic and international, with varying regulatory requirements, reimbursement models and diverse physician relationships.


In June 2016, Jeff became Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President.    Prior to his current position, Jeff served as Executive Vice President Strategic Alliances and Group Operations and has also served as the leader over CHRISTUS’ health insurance and group practice divisions.

His experience is broad and at times his responsibilities are intense as he expects CHRISTUS to maintain sophistication in how the organization commits its time and resources.

He believes that we all need to focus on stewardship by making CHRISTUS a model for organization efficiency while meeting patient expectations and quality metrics so that we can focus on what we are all about – Patient Care.

Congrats to Jeff for his ability to strengthen CHRISTUS’ operations!


Jeff Puckett Anniversary
Jeff in October 2016 celebrating 25 years of service with CHRISTUS health