CHRISTUS Health Opposes Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017

Health care might be considered a very partisan issue these days, but for those of us on the front lines working with patients and other Associates at CHRISTUS Health it is very personal.  That’s why we invite you to be in the know and join the CHRISTUS Advocacy and Government Affairs team by signing up for CHRISTUS Action Alerts.  These emails will help to facilitate communication to U.S. Senators and Members of Congress.  This is a good way to stay connected with what is going on in government both on the local and national levels.


The CHRISTUS Advocacy Website

here you can sign up and get involved with communicating directly with policy makers on issues important to CHRISTUS Health

And, what’s important to CHRISTUS?

The senate is considering legislation that could jeopardize health care coverage for millions of Americans.  As a not-for-profit Catholic health system, CHRISTUS is deeply committed to providing quality health care to all Americans. Continuing to reduce the number of uninsured in the communities we serve is crucial for CHRISTUS.

We oppose the House passed American Health Care Act because it is predicted to leave more than 23 million Americans without health insurance over the next 10 years. As we learn more about the Senate’s proposed legislation we become even more concerned about its effects.


AHCA Opposition

AHCA Impact


There is still work ahead of the vote.

Get involved and learn how to participate more actively in CHRISTUS collaborative efforts in making a positive difference in the way health care is governed and regulated in the United States.