Bilingual and Looking for a Job? CHRISTUS Health is Hiring

CHRISTUS Health has made it on another top-ten list.  This time CHRISTUS is listed among the top companies hiring bilingual job seekers. identified the most in demand jobs for people with the bilingual skill set, as well as the companies where you can find those bilingual jobs. Healthcare and CHRISTUS Health are on those top ten lists.

CHRISTUS Health, headquartered in Dallas, has spent the last decade partnering and expanding health care in Chile, Colombia and Mexico. The need for bilingual Associates is understandable given the unwavering and significant presence in Latin American.

And, while CHRISTUS’ noteworthy international presence is one likely reason for making the list, the other might have to do with the demographics in the communities CHRISTUS serves in Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico.

According to the US Census Bureau, there are more than 55 million people of Hispanic origin living in the United States.  As a result, CHRISTUS does its best to meet the needs of this large emerging minority population.  The demand for Spanish speaking nurses and caregivers is at an all-time high and CHRISTUS looks for that sort of candidate when posting their jobs.

Jacob Norman works at CHRISTUS as an executive and international recruiter and says CHRISTUS often lists ‘bi-lingual preferred’ in the job description section of the health system’s open job listings.

Of the approximately 11-hundred positions currently posted, almost 60 are listed as “bilingual preferred” or “bilingual required.”  These positions vary and include nursing, patient access, educators and specialists.

Jacob describes being bi-lingual as a major perk whenever he’s searching for a candidate who will work closely with patients. The ability to instantly connect with patients who don’t speak or understand English is one reason for the focused search for bilingual Associates. Communicating in a language that a patient is most comfortable speaking allows for trust to be built instantly, and makes it easier to explain medical concerns, obtain histories and provide treatment plans.

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