Harvey Updates: CHRISTUS responds to Storm’s Wrath

The Good News

We are happy to report that CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth in Beaumont, Tx has returned to normal operations with the support of the auxiliary water system. Surgeries are up and running at both St. Elizabeth and St. Mary hospitals today.

The following facilities opened Tues., Sept. 5 at full capacity and/or will be open Wed., Sept. 6 unless otherwise indicated:

  • CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth hospital
  • CHRISTUS St. Mary hospital
  • CHRISTUS Orthopedic Specialty Center/Beaumont Bone & Joint (surgeries will begin Wed., Sept. 6)
  • Jasper Memorial Hospital
  • CHRISTUS Family Practice Clinic – Sam Rayburn
  • CHRISTUS Family Practice Clinic – Kirbyville
  • CHRISTUS Family Practice Clinic – Jasper
  • CHRISTUS Southeast Texas Outpatient Center Mid County
  • Promptu Dowlen
  • CHRISTUS Quick Care – Lumberton
  • CHRISTUS Family Medicine Lumberton
  • CHRISTUS Family Medicine Port Neches
  • CHRISTUS Family Medicine Port Arthur (will resume regular schedules at new location at 8445 Memorial Blvd, Suite 500, Port Arthur, TX  77640)
  • CHRISTUS Family Medicine Groves
  • Jasper Surgical

The following locations in the market will be closed tomorrow:

  • Christus St Elizabeth Minor Care
  • CHRISTUS Beaumont Adult Medicine
  • CHRISTUS Southeast Texas Rheumatology
  • CHRISTUS Preventive Medicine of Southeast Texas

The medical office building at the CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth Outpatient Center (OPP) is open but all other services remain closed.

Attention now turns to maintaining the auxiliary water system, addressing and correcting potential issues, and supporting Associates who lost homes and property during the storm.



CHRISTUS Cabrini, in Alexandria, La sent three more Healthcare Hero volunteers to help in Texas.  These nurses left for Beaumont, Tx in a Blackhawk Helicopter on Wed., Aug 30, 2017. These nurses are latest from the CHRISTUS family to step up to relieve the tireless CHRISTUS Associates in Texas who have worked day and night to respond to emergencies in Southeast Texas.

Supplies from CHRISTUS St. Patrick, in Lake Charles, La like food, medicine and blood, were all loaded into Blackhawk Helicopters and brought over to CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth. The CHRISTUS St. Patrick hospital leadership not only drove the supplies, but also helped to load the Blackhawk. We live our mission everyday, but today it was very evident! We’re praying for all affected by the storm!

From one CHRISTUS family to another, we’re standing with you shoulder to shoulder and will be here for you as long as it takes.




CHRISTUS Shreveport Bossier Health System sent critical care nurses and other medical professionals to Texas to help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.  The group prayed before leaving the Shreveport Regional Airport Monday, Aug. 28.

They are relieving nurses in San Antonio who are working around the clock taking in additional patients from the areas of Corpus Christi and Houston.

They are not the only nurses who have arrived to help the CHRISTUS Health System.  The response from the CHRISTUS family has been enormous.

Highly trained medical professionals from CHRISTUS Cabrini, in Alexandria, La also left on Monday, Aug. 28, to go to South Texas to help where help is needed.

cabrini harveycabrini harvey 3

Associates at CHRISTUS St.  Michael, in Texarkana, left Friday, August 25 to San Antonio.

St Michael Nurse praying
Pictured: CHRISTUS St. Michael Associates praying together before leaving for San Antonio to help care for patients sent to CHRISTUS Santa Rosa.

Southeast Texas Update

All CPG and Promptu locations in the market will be closed tomorrow, Fri., Sept. 1 except for Port Neches Family Medicine, which will remain open. Beaumont Bone & Joint will remain closed.

Early Thursday morning, Beaumont officials announced the city lost both primary and secondary sources for its water supply system. As a result, CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth hospital is operating under emergency conditions, and Emergency and Trauma Center are open only for urgent and seriously injured. However, the hospital is open and treating patients.

Bottled water has been delivered to our facilities in the area. Two water wells on the CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth campus provide non-potable water for infrastructure operations and patient care.

We are evaluating and considering selective transfers for patients who require specialized services that cannot be reliably provided due to the water situation. This includes 11 NICU patients and some dialysis patients.

In the midst of all this, beautiful stories keep coming from our facilities as well.  Wednesday, a 10-year-old and a 14-year-old were delivered alone to CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth, and we moved quickly to find their father. We were able to locate him, and you can watch a report from CNN about their reunion on Facebook.

Eight nurses arrived in Beaumont last night from our Louisiana facilities with support from the National Guard. In addition, 17 nurses arrived in Beaumont from CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances to care for patients



Happy Ending: Two children on Wed., Aug 30 came to CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Mary seeking shelter from the storm and flood waters.

Destiny Stewart – 10 yrs old attends Lucian Adams Elementary in Port Arthur.
Jacoby Stewart – 14 yrs old attends Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Port Arthur

Father is Stacy Stewart

Late Wed., Aug. 30 we safely reunited Destiny and Jacoby with their father. We couldn’t be happier to be part of this happy ending.

Houston Area

Friday., Sept. 1, Point of Light Clinic in Dickinson and St. Mary’s Clinic in Houston are expected to be open.

The CHRISTUS Foundation for HealthCare office is expected to open tomorrow for staff who can make it in. We expect that most functions in CHRISTUS Health office in Houston, Texas (2707 North Loop West, Houston, TX 77008), including TLRA, will remain closed until Tues., Sept. 5.


CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic


Click HERE to read more about St. Mary’s Clinic work for the last few days.


Rosanne Popp in Action

CHRISTUS Spohn (Corpus Christi, TX-6 Hospitals)

CHRISTUS Spohn hospitals lifted their code yellow (no longer operating under emergency operations) and the health system returned to its regular operations on Tuesday, Aug. 29.

For six vigorous days, they were caring for patients and supporting each other under extreme conditions.

Today, top leadership at CHRISTUS Health in Irving, Tx traveled to Corpus Christi to visit with those Associates who accepted the great responsibility of caring for patients under the most stressful of conditions.

Ernie Speaks to Nurse Manager Jaime whose was impacted by Harvey
Front: CHRISTUS Spohn Nurse Manager, Jamie Owen, speaks to CHRISTUS Health President and CEO Ernie Sadau. Jamie is a CHRISTUS Associate who has been impacted personally by the storm and still chooses to care for her patients



Justin Doss, CHRISTUS Spohn’s Market President said this in a message to Associates who worked tirelessly to ensure patients received the very best care, even during the most stressful and difficult times.

“Hurricane Harvey proved to be erratic and with short notice you adjusted quickly.  At the height of the storm CHRISTUS Spohn had 1,059 Associates working system-wide. We had the awesome responsibility of caring for more than 300 patients.  Each of you is brave and generous; and, you remind me that you are why our ministry has flourished for more than 100 years.”

Those sentiments are echoed by CHRISTUS leadership during their visit and by everyone at CHRISTUS




On Tuesday, Aug. 29, ABC News, chatted with Associates about caring for patients during the Hurricane. They have been following the story of a mother who gave birth on Tuesday to a baby girl.  Mom, dad, siblings and newborn are resting comfortably after a harrowing ordeal.  They lost their Port Aransas home just due to Harvey.  Mom wasn’t sure she would be able to make the scheduled c-section delivery.


GMA with Associate
L&D Nurse Patricia Alaniz-Valdez is interviewed by Good Morning America’s Matt Guttman.

CHRISTUS Health Louisiana

Utilities are all fully operational throughout Lake Charles, La. CHRISTUS St. Patrick and CHRISTUS Lake Area Hospital were functioning in all areas.  They feel resources are adequate to meet current needs and stand ready to support any needs in Beaumont. They are also prepared to accept patients transferred from affected areas, and may have some on the way currently.

CHRISTUS St. Patrick Leadership Harvey
CHRISTUS St. Patrick leadership met early Monday to check in on the current flooding situation and report on ongoing plans for care throughout the storm.

CHRISTUS St. Patrick Regional Cancer Center is also prepared and willing to help others.  On Tuesday, August 29., they announced they are opening the schedule to treat patients from areas affected by Tropical Storm Harvey.

Any patient who was receiving chemotherapy, radiation or infusions outside of Southwest Louisiana can receive continued treatment through the CHRISTUS St. Patrick Regional Cancer Center. Please call the CHRISTUS St. Patrick Nurse Navigator at (337) 431-7881 ext. 4 for more information or scheduling.


The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio

Above are pictures from earlier in the day on Friday, the tiniest of patients from Corpus Christi arrived safety thanks to the The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio Pediatric team. The infants were evacuated before Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast and were delivered to the hospital’s Level IV NICU where they will receive the highest level of care.


CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System (Texarkana, TX-3 Hospitals)

At 1:30 p.m., Friday, Aug., 25,  Associates from CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System took a flight to San Antonio and are staging at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa.  They assisted with the surplus of patients received from CHRISTUS Spohn and other hospitals impacted by Harvey. They returned back to Texarkana on Tuesday, Aug., 29.

St Michael Nurse praying
Associates at CHRISTUS St.  Michael, in Texarkana, praying together before leaving for San Antonio to help care for patients sent to CHRISTUS Santa Rosa to keep them out of harm’s way. 

CHRISTUS Health Southeast Texas (Beaumont-Port Arthur, TX-3 Hospitals)

Community Health Department and Associates at CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Mary are putting together Emergency Document Bags together to give to ER Patients.

The hospital remains open but is operating under emergency protocols.



Villa de Matel, Houston

The Sisters are prepared with generators and extra supplies. The CHRISTUS Foundation for HealthCare clinics have taken their vaccines to the villa for storage during the storm.



CHRISTUS Long Term Acute-Care Hospitals

They are keeping a watchful eye on the storm. They made the determination to bring patients to CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth in Beaumont and are thankful to the many Associates who have helped make the hospital a wonderful host facility for their patients. They feel positive about staffing and other needs.

Other CHRISTUS Regions

Across the CHRISTUS Health system, the organization is known to pull together to help communities and facilities in need.

CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health System and Carter BloodCare are hosting a Blood Drive on Tuesday, Aug. 29, From Noon until 6pm in Haddad Hall at CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital – Tyler. Carter BloodCare is the blood center that is coordinating blood delivery efforts to Houston and all areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey. There is also an increase in blood needs at North Texas hospitals due to patients being moved into our area for care. Health System Associates, Medical Staff and members of the public are encouraged to attend and donate as they are able.

In Sulphur Springs, Texas, where a community hospital, CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital-Sulphur Springs, is located is where officials deployed a medical ambulance bus.

The Texas Department of State Health Services issued the deployment of Hopkins County EMS last week before Hurricane Harvey made landfall




One thought on “Harvey Updates: CHRISTUS responds to Storm’s Wrath

  1. We are praying for all those effected and the volunteers and response teams envolved in recovery efforts for this devestation. I have experience both loss and blessing from the Joplin Tornado of 2011. My heart feels the struggle Houston and the surrounding neighbors are experiencing. Through faith all things are possible, for every tear God hears our cry. We Joplin are Strong and we will not fail in our efforts to offer a hand to those in need.


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