Helping the Healing Hands after Harvey

CHRISTUS Health has one mission: to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. Our mission shapes us and how we deliver care; now, more than ever.

CHRISTUS Health strives to be a beacon of hope and healing for those affected or displaced by Hurricane Harvey. With hospitals, health care centers and clinics within and near Harvey’s destructive path, CHRISTUS is prepared to take care of the people in those communities.

From August 28 to September 5, more than 100 CHRISTUS volunteers from registered nurses to support staff came from neighboring CHRISTUS Health Systems in Lake Charles, Alexandria, Tyler, Marshall, Texarkana and Shreveport to support patient care in Southeast Texas. As the water got deeper, the CHRISTUS community rose to the challenge.

Cabrini feature pictureSt Michael REturning Home from HArvey

CTMF Nurse sendoff August 31

Now that the immediate threat of Hurricane Harvey has passed, our Associates are back to caring for the physical and mental well-being of their community members within the walls of CHRISTUS facilities. But, they are also caring for their communities by helping them clean up and get back to work. CHRISTUS knows that many people may not be able to return to their previous work because of the storm’s impact, and we want to help.


In each community CHRISTUS serves, CHRISTUS Health recruiters are individualizing their efforts to offer employment either permanent or temporary for those needing to get back on their feet.

There is no force on Earth stronger than our faith and our faith in each other to heal and rebuild.


Together it is possible.

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Like the wind and rain, our care was unrelenting during this crisis. We remain committed on our promise to deliver care to the communities hardest hit by Harvey including helping those displaced and needing immediate employment.

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