The Power of Rehabilitation at CHRISTUS

Two men, hundreds of miles apart, have similar encounters with the very best in trauma care in the State of Texas. On paper, they might have very little in common, but George Salas and Kirk Hart are both survivors.

We’ll begin with George Salas. As a South Texas trucker, George was used to freight hauling in a high demand industry. But, a horrible accident left him navigating a different kind of road, one towards recovery.

This video showcases George and his family’s experience with  CHRISTUS Spohn’s Level II Trauma Center and the many people who helped him on his way to healing.


Almost 400 miles north, Richard “Kirk” Hart had a motorcycle accident that introduced him to CHRISTUS’ exceptional care. His heartbreaking motorcycle wreck happened near the small town of Flint, Texas which is near Tyler, Texas. Tyler is home of CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Rehabilitation Hospital affiliated with HealthSouth. A place Kirk would call home for almost a month.

Kirk was riding his motorcycle with his wife on February 11, 2017 when he was involved in an accident.  Kirk, unconscious, was airlifted to the hospital where he coded multiple times. Suffering from a fractured neck, back and scapula, ruptured spleen, traumatic kidney injury and broken ribs, he was not expected to live. After a month in a coma, Kirk woke but was unable to move. Despite his many injuries, his most painful one was learning he had lost his wife in the accident. Two weeks later he was transferred to CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Rehabilitation Hospital affiliated with HealthSouth, with the goal of healing and being healthy again.


When Kirk arrived at the rehabilitation hospital, he was unable to walk or move his arms which affected daily tasks like eating. His first day of therapy, Kirk was encouraged by his therapists to stand which was a huge feat. He was also having problems sleeping at night, so the compassionate nursing and tech staff spent time with him to help him get through the long nights. Kirk’s individualized care plan, which included physical and occupational therapy, helped him progress towards his goals and provided him the confidence to try things like standing on a ladder again. Through his therapy, Kirk regained the use of his arms so he could feed himself, During his rehab and recovery, Kirk found motivation from his co-workers who constantly uplifted him and the patients around him who were also making leaps and bounds in their recovery.

Three weeks after he arrived at CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Rehabilitation Hospital affiliated with HealthSouth,  Kirk left the hospital with zero limitations. He could walk, feed himself and was able to return to his work and his hobbies.


During National Rehabilitation Week, recognized September 17-23, there are hundreds of CHRISTUS stories just like George’s and Kirk’s that come to light. These stories, and there are countless others, highlight the capabilities humans have to overcome adversity. It also is a time to salute the many CHRISTUS professionals who provide services to the communities CHRISTUS serves.