What are you thankful for?

In health care, work commitments are extremely important. At CHRISTUS what happens everyday is imperative to how we provide exceptional care to our patients. Unlike other industries, many at CHRISTUS have a unique perspective and appreciation for good health. We see how health problems can impact families. We are thankful for our good health and strive to provide good health to others.

It is during this time of Thanksgiving Day that we asked a handful of CHRISTUS Associates to take time to reflect and recognize how rewarding our careers and lives can be. Here is what some had to say.

Marcos P. , VP Health Equity Diversity and Inclusion

I AM grateful to work for an organization that is so dedicated to our mission to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. This is a very real thing that makes us different. We strive to meet people where they are and are serious about making their lives better. On a personal note, I’m also super grateful to my wife. We’ve been married for 33 years and have 2 grown children. She’s an angel.

Kala G., Program Manager of Clinical Standard & Professional Performance

I am thankful for my family, friends, loved ones and my health. I am thankful for challenging work, amazing teammates and for the ability to be able to share my faith openly in my workplace.  I am thankful for Chapel each week at CHRISTUS, for all the Mission Leaders who work so hard to guide us and inspire us to stay true to our CHRISTUS mission.

Micah O., Office Services Assistant

I’m thankful for another day; another chance at life. I’m thankful for my family, friends and coworkers. I’m thankful for CHRISTUS Health and the opportunity to help spread the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. I’m thankful that I have peace of mind;  I’m thankful that I have a heart of gratitude and that no matter what my circumstances may look like, I have the ability to see positivity in it. I’m thankful… BECAUSE I am thankful.

Tammy S., Director of Health Plans Call Center Operations

On a professional level; I’m thankful to work with such a dedicated group of individuals within Member Services.  This team sincerely wants to provide an exceptional Customer experience.  They are not comfortable with mediocre service and strive to put their best foot forward each day.  That makes me incredibly proud and thankful for the opportunity to help guide them to success.  Personally, I am thankful for my two beautiful daughters and friends & family that bring me a ton of love and laughter each day.  I am truly blessed.

Marla A., Project Manager

This has been a year of pain, uncertainty and strength for me.  As one of the primary caregivers for my mother in law who has stage IV Renal cancer, I now understand that being someone people/person counts on, particularly during difficult times is a true sign of a life lived honorably.

I am so thankful for many things that others might view as a negative but without them I don’t think I would be able to have the spirit of “being there” for anyone else:

PAIN:  I am thankful for the PAIN over this year as it has allowed me to take the HURT and transform those feelings into BLESSINGS.  I am able to be a blessing to my family by alleviating their pain during this time and help them understand we are all BLESSED to see another day.  Understanding although we don’t want a loved one to suffer that this is our “test” and it is important for us to stand on FAITH.

UNCERTAINTY:  Not only in my personal walk but in the day-to-day business, recently there has been an increased level of UNCERTAINTY.  I am so thankful I have  been able to stand on my FAITH and truly “LET GO AND LET GOD!!

STRENGTH:   Many times we pray for strength and when those things such as PAIN, UNCERTAINTY and challenges come our way, we question the prayer.  But I am thankful to have a discernment that guides me and lets me know my prayers were answered.  For instance, in prayer for strength during a time when my son was going through a medical condition, I prayed, and prayed.  However, he still had to have surgery and had a lengthy setback.  Was my prayers not answered?  However, every day I am reminded of the strength I have and continue to  display while being a  support for my husband and overall matriarch in my family, while having the strength to care for my mother in law, my mom and others during their time of need including  dealing with any additional challenges on a daily basis.   My prayers are always answered and I am so thankful!!

Overall , I am thankful for a sound mind, a GOD Fearing spouse, well-balanced children and additional family and true friends  who allow the opportunity to support, teach and LOVE them unconditionally!

Pat M., System Director, Nursing Practice & Development

I am thankful for my faith and family, both my personal family and my work family.  I learned at an early age through my parents that faith, in God and in my family, is key to a happy life.  Family can mean different things to different people.  I define family as those I love and cherish and they are the ones that I  have faith in.  Those are the people that help me through the difficult times and help celebrate the successes.  These people are in both my personal life and professional life and without their support, life would not be as sweet.