Beautiful Birth Stories

CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth has earned a prestigious international recognition of Baby Friendly Designation.

What does Baby Friendly mean?

The designation comes from a subsidiary of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).  The global program is designed to encourage the implementation of the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding and the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes.

The CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth team couldn’t be prouder.  They’re the only hospital in Beaumont to get this recognition and of 5,550 hospitals in the United States, only 428 are active Baby-Friendly hospitals or birth centers.


CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth moms helped by giving us a more personal take on what Baby Friendly actually means. We asked for stories. Plenty of our Southeast Texas moms delivered (both figuratively and literally). Below are some of their great birth stories.

CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth Birth Stories:


Beautiful Birth Stories1

“My name is Lindsay and I am a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nurse here at CHRISTUS Health Southeast Texas. I had the privilege of delivering my miracle baby boy, Fischer, here at CHRISTUS on March 10, 2016. He is my second living baby, and his birth follows the traumatic loss, a year prior, of our twins at 20 weeks. I was extremely nervous about his birth, but the team here at CHRISTUS went above and beyond to make this experience amazing for my family and me. The experience was much different from my first C-section in 2008. My baby boy never left my side this time as compared to my first baby. My daughter went straight to the nursery for the transition period and didn’t come to my room until 4 hours later. Fischer was placed on my chest in the operating room. Talk about amazing! He had a rough start to life and needed oxygen at first. Skin-to-skin contact in the operating room truly helped him overcome his breathing difficulties. We were breastfeeding within 1 hour of birth in the recover room, and he stayed with me from that moment on.

He was able to stay in my room his entire hospital stay rather than staying in the nursery at night. We got to cuddle anytime we wanted, and I was able to nurse him frequently as soon as he showed hunger signs. We also enjoyed the daily mom and baby nap time from 1-3 p.m. All of the CHRISTUS Associates respected this nap time, and no one enters your room unless you request it. My husband even hogged the bed and got a good nap on one of the days. The team, during our stay, made such a difference in our experience. The OBGYN surgery team were very friendly and made us feel comfortable especially Courtney and Lindsey.

Beautiful Birth Stories

Our Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Derek, was amazing and supportive as well. He even grabbed our phone to take some of these priceless skin-to-skin pictures for us that we will forever cherish. The lactation team was extremely helpful and came by daily to make sure everything was going well. My nurses on 3-South were all amazing and made sure I was comfortable and kept my pain managed and the nursery nurses were so kind and patient with Fischer. Thank you to Danielle, Janis and Tara in the nursery and to Jessica, Crisa and Shirley on 3-South. You all stood out as giving great care to me and my family. Doctor Bost was fabulous as always. The NICU team (Dr. Thompson, Kelli H, and Regina) attended by C-section. Fischer was not breathing when he was born and I am so thankful to have had such experienced and knowledgeable hands on my baby!”



Wendi Baby1

“My name is Wendi. Pictured up above is my son. I have had 2 different birth experiences. My first child was born almost 8 years ago and my second child 2 years ago. It is amazing how just a few small changes from my first delivery ended up having such a significant impact on my birth experience for my second baby. With my oldest, my daughter, I had an emergency C-section, and did not get to see her until I was out of recover and into my patient room. That was almost 3 or 4 hours after birth. It was one of the hardest things to go through after having an emergency C-section and not being able to just hold and comfort my new baby. She was in the nursery. I knew they were taking great care of her, but I wanted more than anything to be able to hold her in my arms and tell her I am here for her and that everything was going to be okay. With my now 2-year-old son, the difference was amazing. In the operating room the nurses and doctors put my son on me. We were skin-to-skin.


Skin-to-skin was able to comfort him. I could tell him I was there for him and that we had made it, and everything was going to be okay. Charlotte was my nurse during my delivery and in recovery. She explained everything thoroughly and made me feel comfortable. Kim, the recovery nurse, also took wonderful care of my son. She was very knowledgeable and gentle. Stacie the lactation consultant helped us get positioned and made me feel like I was doing everything right. Her encouragement was exactly what I needed. She set me up to succeed this time around by showing me different breastfeeding positions and told me what to expect with breastfeeding. She was definitely a life-saver.  Once in my room, my son was with me the entire time. It was comforting to know I could be there with him and feed him when I needed to. The nurses and doctors were knowledgeable and supportive through my hospital stay. The postpartum nurses were very attentive to my needs and made me feel comfortable throughout my stay. Christina and Crisa were my postpartum nurses. They were very understanding and compassionate.


Wendi Baby2

All of the hospital team was great from pre-op until discharge. I want to thank each and every one  of them for giving my family and me memories that I will cherish and the most perfect beginning. As special thanks to my OB, Dr. Bost, for providing great care to me throughout my pregnancy and my delivery. A special thanks to Dr. Brown and Dr. Hubbell the pediatricians who cared for my son in the hospital and to Dr. Thompson the neonatologist who attended my son’s delivery. I was in good hands. Just remembering my experience is making me want to do it all over again! Thank you CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth.”



Stevie Family

“My name is Stevie and baby Oliver was born September 3, 2017. He is my first baby and he decided to arrive right after Hurricane Harvey when the city of Beaumont did not have water. My water broke at home and I had a vaginal delivery at CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth Hospital with an epidural following the start of Pitocin. My L&D nurses (Sydney and Melissa) were amazing! I was nervous since it was my first baby and Beaumont didn’t have water, but they were right there with me every step of the way. I had a few complications toward the end. The baby was positioned incorrectly but Sydney helped me make it through (we tried everything to get him to turn and come down) and Oliver was born after 2 hours of pushing. And we were so excited to avoid a C-section (especially since the hospital had no water).

Doctor Rising delivered Oliver. It was my first time meeting him and he made me feel comfortable and confident. (Dr. Pieternelle is my Ob/Gyn and he was wonderful throughout my pregnancy). I have nothing but great memories of my hospital staff even during a tough labor and delivery. Oliver was immediately placed on my chest after delivery and it was such a special moment. He then was weighed and measured and they gave him right back. He was sucking his thumb so we latched him on the breast right away and he did great. Our skin-to-skin “golden hour” probably lasted a little longer because he wanted to be latched, but I didn’t mind. I was so in love. We stayed skin-to-skin throughout most of our hospital stay thanks to rooming-in with baby. Dad (Matt) got his skin-to-skin too so I could rest. Wendy Mullins was Oliver’s pediatric nurse and I can’t say enough good things about her. I didn’t have my mother to help, and she showed me some techniques to help with baby Oliver. I’m forever grateful for her.

Baby Stevie

Ashleigh (lactation consultant) helped with my latch and positioning, holding my breast correctly and teaching me how to listen for swallowing, etc. I still seek her for advice in breastfeeding. We have been exclusively breastfeeding for 4 months and I am so proud of it! My goal is to surpass one year breastfeeding Oliver. I think taking the breastfeeding course at CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth and having a Lactation Consultant there after the birth helps tremendously. I know my success in breastfeeding stemmed from the awesome nurses, rooming-in with Oliver and limiting visitors during our stay (thank you Hurricane Harvey). I highly recommend CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth for labor and delivery in Southeast Texas.”



Veronica Pelligrim Pic#2

“My name is Veronica and I delivered my daughter, Sawyer Paige at CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth Hospital. I delivered her on September 2nd, 2017, which was just a few days after Hurricane Harvey had devastated our area. Sawyer is my first baby, and I had to have an emergency c-section after 4 hours of unsuccessful pushing.

The nurses and doctors that tended to our care made our experience very enjoyable. Because of the hurricane, the hospital was short-staffed. Our nurses worked their tails off to ensure that our hospital stay was nothing short of perfect, despite the fact that we had no running water. If I ever needed anything at all there was always a nurse immediately at my bedside. My OB was Dr. Rising. Evidently, he was the only doctor on call that day and had delivered 8 babies. Despite what must have been exhausting, Dr. Rising was quick and smart when it came to the decisions that were made. He was also very comforting on the most important day of  our life. I will never go to any other OB.

Veronica Pelligrim Pic#1 (2)

One of my first memories with Sawyer is our skin-to-skin contact in post-op, and our first breastfeeding experience. Our skin-to-skin contact was such a wonderful bond we shared. The lactation consultant, Amanda was amazing. She informed me of everything I needed to know to keep my daughter’s weight and nutrition needs where they needed to be. Amanda showed me how Sawyer should latch, swallow, and showed the signs of being satisfied. I am incredibly grateful for everything Amanda did for us.

My experience at CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth Hospital was perfect. The entire staff was wonderful, and the hospital itself was a nice atmosphere to stay in. I would recommend it to all of my friends and family for their place of delivery.”



Michelle Foxworth Pic#2

“My name is Michelle and my daughter’s name is Faith Marie. She was born on December 1, 2017. This is my third child. All of my birthing experiences have been wonderful at CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth Hospital. All of my deliveries were vaginal deliveries. The registered nurses were very friendly and helpful during my stay. My husband and I have always talked about how wonderful the nurses have been during our time in the hospital. My brother had his first child in October 2017 and he too talked about how thankful they were to the great nurses and doctors. The immediate skin-to-skin was a very special time for my daughter and myself.

I thought I had skin-to-skin with my two sons after they were born but this time they brought my daughter to me more quickly. I honestly was nervous about the rooming in this time. I thought I would be just exhausted, but turns out I was equally exhausted during each experience. I do like the rooming in because you get to know your child more quickly. Everything is not such a culture shock when you get home. I have struggled with breastfeeding with all of my children. However, I have appreciated all the help every lactation consultant has given. Most of the nurses and lactation consultants have really tried to help me and give me as much advice and guidance as they can.

I can never say enough good things about the outpatient lactation consultation. I would not be pumping and giving my daughter breast milk if it were not for Stacie and the clinic. This was not available with my sons and breastfeeding lasted only about a week with each. This time, Stacie set me up with a plan. I was able to implement it. I am going to go for another consultation to see if we can get Faith back on the breast or at least with a nipple shield. For some, breastfeeding comes easy and little help is needed. But, for me, this clinic offered crucial help. It is for ladies who need the help in order to have some success in feeding  their babies.  I love my OB, Dr. Bost. He delivered both of my sons. I believe his experience and wisdom kept me from having a C-section with my first child. He handles everything so calmly. There was also a scare at the twenty week ultrasound, that he handled so well. I was disappointed he was out-of-town for Faith’s delivery. I was very pleased with Dr. Victores though. I have heard everyone in this group is great and have seen nothing to believe otherwise.

Destiny who I later found out is Stacie’s daughter, was such a help during a stressful time during my stay. Faith had been on the breast for hours and the nurses said that she was just cluster feeding. It was getting toward evening and I needed to put her in the bassinet so she would not be in bed with me and me fall asleep. Faith was not settling and would not let me put her down. At one point, she was screaming and I did not know what to do. Faith was also not having her wet diapers and had lost weight. Not enough to be in the critical zone but getting close. Destiny walked me through trouble shooting and just trying to make the best decisions with the information we had. I was so impressed by her calm manner. She seemed so wise and knowledgeable beyond her years. I knew she had never even had children herself. Yet she knew so much about breastfeeding. I was beyond impressed and thankful for her. It is amazing how Stacie made such an impact on me years ago and this time it was her daughter Destiny who was there at just the right time.

I would definitely recommend someone giving birth at CHRISTUS St Elizabeth. I will always treasure my birthing experiences and everyone who helped make them successful.”



Melissa McIntosh Pic#2

“My name is Melissa. Here I am with my baby boy Nathan. He was born on December 7, 2016, and he’s my fourth baby. I could tell a significant difference in my birth experience compared to a few years ago. This was my first NICU experience, but my baby was in the room for the first 18 hours of life and with me the entire time. Once he went to the NICU, I was able to visit him as often and as long as I wanted and was able to do skin-to-skin with him there in very comfortable chairs. Rooming in after I was discharged was a blessing to be able to continue to establish my breast milk supply and to stay with my newborn.

Every nurse I interacted with was very friendly and helpful. As soon as my son was born he was placed skin-to-skin and remained there for a long time. I really feel it helped in establishing my breast milk supply and bonding with my son. Even though my son spent a lot of time under the bili-light (a light therapy tool) he was still able to be in my room and other than his time in the NICU on oxygen, he was with me all the times! A lactation consultant checked on me every day as well as my nursery/NICU nurse to ensure our breastfeeding journey was starting off in the right direction.


Melissa McIntosh Pic#1 (2)

The biggest plus was the Outpatient Lactation Clinic. They gave me reassurance that I was doing everything correctly and other issues would get better over time, and it did! Doctor Thompson kept me up to date on my son’s progress in the NICU and was wonderful at explaining what was going on. Due to my speedy delivery, Nicole, RN was very calm when she had to deliver my son. All the nurses were great! I couldn’t ask for a better group of professionals! I would absolutely recommend delivering at CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth and plan on delivering there with any future children.”



Meredith Ishee Pic#4

“My name is Meredith and my sweet first baby daughter, Luna Josephine, was born on December 21, 2016, at CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth in Beaumont, Texas. Getting pregnant was very difficult for me due to battling Endometriosis and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) for 10 years prior. After trying for so long to get pregnant, I thought I knew everything about labor, delivery and becoming a mom. I was well researched and thought I was prepared for almost anything. My water broke a little after midnight, 3 weeks before my due date. I had planned for a long time to have a non-medicated labor and delivery, and the nurses were supportive of my decision.

I was able to labor completely on my own and was getting close to pushing until my OB came in to check me and found my baby to be breech. I was already completely dilated at that point and was rushed back for a Cesarean. My team was so wonderful and kept me calm and safe during a very scary time for me. Luna was very small and was immediately taken for evaluation after delivery which limited our skin to skin time. However, we made up for lost time by rooming in together. Holding her and having her so near by after dreaming of a baby for so long was absolutely magical. Nursing was a challenge because her mouth was so petite, but the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE) nurses I worked with were outstanding.

Meredith Ishee Pic#1 (2)

Brooke, Amanda, and Stacie were beyond helpful, encouraging, and went way above required nursing duties in order to help me achieve a successful breastfeeding journey. This was by far my favorite part of my Labor and Delivery (L&D) experience. The breastfeeding outpatient clinic has helped me several times, and Brooke has answered many, many questions throughout the year. Luna and I have just reached our one year breastfeeding milestone, and it would not have been achieved without the help and support I received. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Bost and the team at CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth.”



Macy Moreaux Pic#4


“My name is Macy. I have two beautiful children. Noah (4) born September 16, 2013, and Bella (1) born November 9, 2016. Both of my babies were born naturally with that wonderful epidural. I could never say ENOUGH good about the staff of St Elizabeth! During the births of both of my children they were extremely attentive to every need and made me feel as though I was family. Brooke and Amanda were with me through Noah’s birth and have stayed in contact even afterwards. Both of them have hearts of gold and have been there to answer breastfeeding questions and offer support. I lost my mom two days prior to having my youngest daughter Bella and it was a very rough time for me. I don’t remember my nurses name that took care of me but she was so kind and did an amazing job taking care of Bella and me.

The kindness of all of the staff and of Dr. Peiternelle was something like I’d never experienced. It made a serious impression on me. The way everyone was so thoughtful and aware of my situation really touched my heart. Every single one of the nurses were so supportive and caring. The day I left the hospital, I’ll never forget how kind Dr. Peiternelle was to me. I was having a really rough day and he came back to my room after he had already discharged me and gave me a pep talk like only Dr. Peiternelle can.

Macy Moreaux Pic#3 (2)

He has a heart of gold and really truly cares about the people he cares for. The lactation ladies are amazing as well. They make you feel like Wonder Woman when you feel like you want to give up. Dr. Peiternelle and the staff at St. Elizabeth hospital will always hold a special place in my heart. I am forever grateful for the excellent care that was received and for the wonderful people who put others needs before themselves every day, no matter what’s going on in their lives. I will definitely be back to have another baby at CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”



Haley Baby 2

“My name is Haley and over the last four years I’ve had all three of my girls at CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth’s hospital. Each delivery has been an extremely positive experience. All three were inductions, but all three were very different. My youngest daughter Carly was born on November 21, 2016. She was a couple of days past her due date, so Dr. Pieternelle scheduled for induction. When I got to the floor they got me all set up and then started the Pitocin. My nurse, Melissa, was wonderful. I was planning on getting an epidural again for this delivery and with several other inductions that day Melissa suggested I get it as soon as I was ready as there may be a wait later.

The anesthesiologist was amazing. He did a great job and had no pain or problems with the epidural. After my water broke and labor was progressing nicely Melissa helped position me to help dilation and in a matter of a few hours we were ready for Dr. Pieternelle. Dr. Pieternelle an amazing doctor and has been my OB for all three of my girls. He answers all my questions and patiently explains things to me and my husband.  If he’s in town he will be there for the delivery. This is especially important to me because I’ve build trust with him and it relieves anxiety to know he’ll be there. Once he arrived it was a matter of a couple pushes and I was able to hold my baby girl. I believe I did skin-to-skin with my 2nd daughter as well, but with Carly it seem to be more immediate.

Haley Baby

I was excited to be able to bond with her in this way. For Carly’s birth we had a fun group of nurses. I wish I knew all of them personally, because they made it very momentous! I was able breastfeed her pretty much right away and was helped along throughout my stay by the lactation consultants. My good friend Brooke Kelley, who was a lactation consultant at the time, even popped in to see how I was doing. Brooke had been my champion RN through my first daughter’s delivery and we’ve been friends ever since. She is a large part why I had such a good impression of the hospital. I was new to town when I had my first so that added to anxiety and she really coached me through it. First impressions definitely last.  With all three of my daughter’s births my experience with St. E’s Labor and Delivery has been awesome. I would, and have recommended them to others.”


Amber Smith Family Pic Skin to Skin in Recovery Room

My name is Amber and my sweet baby girl, Dilyn Elizabeth, was born November 6, 2017. She was very stubborn throughout my pregnancy and was ultimately breached. Dr. David B. Smith, evaluated us the week before Dilyn’s arrival and suggested the safest route to get Dilyn here was to have a C-section. A C-section was not the type of delivery that I had envisioned, but after discussing with Dr. Smith, I realized it was the best/safest way to have my sweet girl. Along this journey we encountered so many caring people at CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth. A few of the people we feel lucky to have met were Courtney; RN BSN, Janis; RN, and Stacie; BSN, RNC, IBCLC. There were many others, but these three ladies went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of.

Courtney sat with me holding my hand while they took me into surgery and did a spinal block. She explained step by step what was happening until my husband, Corey, was able to join me in the delivery room. The comfort brought by her is something I will forever be grateful for. When I arrived in the recovery room, I was immediately asked if I wanted to do skin to skin with my daughter. Of course, I said yes! A few minutes into skin to skin, I started to get really sick and they had to remove her from me. There was an ongoing cycle of them putting her on my chest and taking her off multiple times. The nurses continued to clean me up and allowed me to do skin-to-skin every time I asked during this time. Their patience and perseverance are something I will never forget. In the hospital we had issues getting Dilyn to latch to breastfeed. Stacie came to see us and with her help we were able to get Dilyn to latch and have had great success breastfeeding since then.

Amber babe

Breastfeeding is one of the most important goals for me as a mother and with her guidance it has been possible. Once we got home and settled, a few weeks later I started having severe pain while breastfeeding. It was unbearable pain and I thought it was due to Dilyn not latching well. We went to visit Stacie at the Outpatient Lactation Clinic. She listened to my description of my pain, observed Dilyn, and discovered that we had thrush.  She explained in detail the steps we needed to take in order to get rid of thrush. A week later, she even contacted me to check on how we were doing. If it wasn’t for her and the support of my husband, I would have given up on breastfeeding. Since getting rid of thrush, Dilyn and I enjoy feeding time tremendously. We had a great experience with CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth and if we are blessed with another child, we will have that child at CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth.”



Morgan McFarlin Pic#1


“Hello my name is Morgan  and I had my first child at CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth Hospital! Luke Thomas  was born on December 2, 2013. I was so nervous with it being my first, but my amazing nurse, Brooke, who is to this day a good friend of mine, made me feel so calm. She told me everything that was going on and what to expect. I was induced by Dr. Bost around 7:00 AM and had Luke around 3:30 PM that afternoon! It was simply amazing!!

My anesthesiologist was amazing and my delivery went smoothly. I have ZEROOO complaints. Breastfeeding was also something I was hesitant on, but every single lactation consultant that came and checked on me, was extremely helpful. A year and 6 days later I had my second son Graham on December 8, 2014. I was induced again around 7:30 AM and had Graham around 11:30 AM. My nurse made me sooo calm.

Morgan McFarlin Pic#4 (2)

My epidural had worked on one side and so I was feeling my contractions a lot more than when I had Luke. Dr. Bost was on his way and I was ready to push, but she kept me calm and helped me do my best to wait for him. Dr. Bost got there, and Graham was there within 15 minutes. Again the lactation consultants, nurses and everyone that worked at the hospital made my delivery and stay extremely pleasant! We now live in Midland, Texas and I was terrified to have my third baby which is a little girl Molly, here and not at CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth. I had an easy delivery like all of my others, but the team was NOT near as helpful as CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth. When I get asked by other moms in Southeast Texas if I would recommend CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth hospital I would say YES YES YES!!”


Brad (dad):

Jackson Picsa

“My name is Brad and my wife’s name is Alex. The baby you see pictured above is Mia Elizabeth.  She was born on November 27, 2017. My wife had a vaginal birth. Mia is our first born. The CHRISTUS team was amazing. Every nurse that we encountered, from the nursery nurses, to the labor nurses were fantastic.  I have nothing but great things to say about the nurses and their facilities. It was wonderful watching the bond that immediately formed between mother and our newborn baby. The nurses worked so quickly and diligently to get the baby directly on the skin with her mother. They also explained the benefits, like regulating digestive and circulatory system to me as the process unfolded.

At first, I thought rooming in with our baby would be too much to handle, because they finish up the labor and leave the baby to you and your wife. But it was quite the opposite, it was amazing, because immediately the bonding between me and my daughter began.  I could hold her, talk to her, hug her, all in the comfort of my own room without having to observe her through a nursery glass window.  I felt so much more at ease coming home with my baby the first day we were discharged because I had already spent 2 nights previously caring for my daughter on my own (of course with the aid of the great nursing staff). The lactation specialists have not only been great and helpful during the stay at the hospital, but after as well.

brad picture

Being first time parents, we had no idea what we were doing but the entire staff has stood behind us and guided us in the breastfeeding struggle.  The nurses have even given their personal cell phones to my wife to call with any questions, at any time.  I tell everyone I can how amazing the lactation specialists are, and my wife and I are forever grateful to their helpful attitudes and desire to help my wife properly feed our baby. We have gone to the outpatient lactation clinic multiple times in the three weeks after birth for tips, strategies, or just weight checks, and each time the staff is so accommodating and nice.  They are such a wonderful group of people. Dr. Sherman is amazing and I will gladly refer anyone that I know looking for an OB to her. Everyone was wonderful, and it all happened so quick, I forgot some of their names.  I think Dr. Thompson was our pediatrician. She was diligent and smart.  She diagnosed our baby with a broken clavicle very quickly and assured us that nothing was wrong with that, it was very common, and how to help her heal over the next few days. Stevie   was fantastic labor nurse. Destinie  a nursery nurse, was the best nurse I have ever had to interact with. She was amazing and caring. She answered all my questions (and being a first-time parent, I had A LOT).  She was kind and caring, and I absolutely loved her being our nurse. Stacie and Erin – the lactation specialists are amazing. They are so kind, caring, and patient.  They are calming and reassuring when we doubted ourselves. They are excellent teachers.”



Brandi Wolfe

“My name is Brandi and this baby girl is Bryli. She was born October 2, 2017. She’s my first born. When Bryli was born she was very purple and wasn’t as vocal as they would have liked, but after a few minutes of skin to skin, she pinked up perfectly and let us know she had truly arrived. Every single nurse we encountered was wonderful!

Even though I was exhausted after labor it was nice to have Bryli  in the room with us, it gave us a better chance to bond and observe feeding cues etc. It provided peace of mind knowing where she was at all times and who was in contact with her.  I went to the lactation and breastfeeding classes and watched the videos before giving birth, but as I discovered it’s very different in person. I was so worried I would forget what I had learned or that I would do something wrong but it was a very natural instinct. The lactation nurses helped check her latch often and assured me I was doing a great job which kept me very positive! Brooke and Erin from the Outpatient Lactation Clinic helped us figure out if there were any issues and helped guide us to correct the problems. Dr. Bost and his nurses were great every step of the way throughout my pregnancy! All of the nurses were so sweet! Mallory made sure I was taken care of throughout my stay in the hospital no matter what I needed, whether it was help with a shower or even an extra snack. Brooke went above and beyond by answering all of my many many questions, checked on me after delivery, and followed up with me on breastfeeding after my visit to the lactation clinician.”Brandi Wolfe2