CHRISTUS Hosts Black History Month Event

As part of Black History Month, The Dallas African-American Museum hosted a pop-up exhibit at CHRISTUS Health’s system headquarters in Irving and the response proved to be enormous.

Hundreds of Associates attended the event to check out an exhibit that captured notable moments and figures in African-American history.  Part of the event included CHRISTUS Associates bringing in their own exhibits by sharing their African American art, pictures, musical instruments, books, clothing, or sports memorabilia. These items, and many others, reflected their heritage and in most cases brought a perspective on  the African American experience in the United States.

The goal of this CHRISTUS celebration was to:

  • provide a venue where African-American history was on display and give others within CHRISTUS an opportunity to learn from passionate, knowledgeable people;
  • recognize the contributions of the African-American community that are sometimes overlooked and
  • offer a safe place where open dialogue is encouraged and can serve as a bridge to build mutual respect, knowledge and understanding.

This important celebration was just one example of how CHRISTUS Health is making progress on a journey toward creating a culture of health equity, diversity and inclusion.

Dr. Harry Robinson, Jr., President and CEO of The Dallas African-American Museum was on hand and spoke at the event.

“The stories being told here and having our Associates here to learn about them–it’s more than I could have imagined,” said CHRISTUS Associate Joe Mouton, who helped organize the event.

“This was really a group effort. I owe a lot to my department leaders with Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion,” he said.

diversity team
The CHRISTUS Health Equity Diversity and Inclusion Team from L-to-R: Tiffany Capeles, Bhushan Mahajan, Joe Mouton, Nadine Monforte and Marcos Pesquera