Inspired by the past. Motivated for our Future

CHRISTUS Heritage Day is an annual day of remembrance and celebration across the U.S. and the International healthcare ministries of CHRISTUS Health.  It is an opportunity for all of us to honor the heritage and healing legacy entrusted to us by our three sponsoring congregations, and to remember the women and men, throughout our history, who have answered God’s call to serve through the provision of compassionate healthcare and in response to the needs of others.

At CHRISTUS Health’s system office in Irving, Associates celebrated on Friday, March 23, 2018 with a large gathering downstairs and then broke out in groups to learn more about the stories, history and mission of CHRISTUS Health. Mission leaders did an outstanding job sharing what truly sets us apart from secular health care entities.



One thing is for sure, the wild west path for CHRISTUS founders was a hard one. Despite tough odds, health care today still bears the fingerprints of those early caregivers.  Check  out this story for a closer look at some important history:

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