A “Tomorrow’s Leader” Guiding all of us Today

Strong words like “judicial murder” and “acts of medical terrorism” was something Becket Gremmels took note of as a senior at the University Notre Dame.  Playing out in the news in ugly and loud debates was the heart-wrenching case of Terri Shiavo. There was also plenty of political conflict between some in the science community and the pro-life movement.  Federal debates led to a partial ban on federal funding for research using newly created human embryonic stem cell lines.

As a young philosophy major, Becket took note of these high-profile wedge issues and realized his future was not in academia, as he had imagined, but instead as an Ethicist in Catholic Health Care. He wanted to make a positive and comforting difference to the lives of patients and their families.

Becket now serves as CHRISTUS Health’s System Director of Ethics. When values come into conflict, when the base question involves moral concerns, Becket listens and constructively gives practical recommendations with an appreciation of the Catholic Moral Tradition at the center of everything. In his role, he provides leadership for the ethics committees at each CHRISTUS ministry. Becket takes on the very tough, sometimes tragic, issues that our leaders, physicians and Associates encounter while practicing modern health care.

This year, Becket’s work will receive  national attention when he attends the Catholic Health Assembly. He will receive an award from the Catholic Health Association (CHA) and become part of an elite group of young people who are expected to guide our ministry in the future. CHA’s Tomorrow’s Leaders program honors impressive individuals who already have demonstrated a commitment to Catholic health care.

“Those who have worked with Becket will agree with me that he deserves this honor.  He is a successful leader that possesses a broad range of knowledge and skills to advance clinical and organizational ethics in Catholic health care.”  said Gerry Heeley, S.T.D., Senior Vice President and Chief Mission Integration Officer. ” He is an outstanding teacher who has the ability to engage others and to advance their ability to take responsibility for the ethics services in their local ministry.  He employs his gifts for the benefit of the entire CHRISTUS ministry.”

Becket is named after Saint Thomas Becket. The name suits him well as he demonstrates the same convictions and moral courage that his namesake exhibited as the Archbishop of Canterbury almost 900 years ago.

Congratulations to Becket for his passionate commitment to CHRISTUS Health’s Mission, to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.


Becket has been with CHRISTUS Health since April 2015 and serves at the System Director of Ethics. He’s also an author, publishing 2-3 scholarly articles a year in which he shares his encounters in Catholic Healthcare with important leadership audiences.