Young Christopher, An inspiration in the fight against Scoliosis

Since his birth, Christopher has fought some big battles. He’s overcome a lot of them thanks to the support and unconditional love of his parents. 

When Caty Flores  and Raul Silva found out they were going to be parents of a baby boy, they couldn’t be happier. The Monterrey, Mexico couple decided on a name. They would name him Christopher and call him Cristo, for short. Like most expecting parents do, each month they visited the doctor to make sure that their precious baby would be fine. It was during the seventh month check-in when the doctor gave Raul and Caty the news that would change their lives drastically.

The medical diagnostic was hydrocephalus, a medical condition when too much cerebrospinal fluid accumulates in the brain resulting in the inflammation of the brain.

“I was having a normal pregnancy and at the seventh month, almost at the end of my pregnancy, they told me this and in a very cold way they said, ‘Don’t get your hopes high about him because he is a product that will not make it.’ As a mother it hurt me a lot.” explained Caty.

The Birth. The Hospitals. The Surgeries.

At nine months, and at full term, Caty gave birth to Cristo.

Their first prayers, as new parents, were that Cristo could have a hope at life. Their routine as new parents began differently than most. They began to constantly visit hospitals, watch their child endure surgeries and go to consultations with specialized doctors.

“It was hard to see that instead of giving him to his mom (during birth), they took him to the fifth floor, to intensive care of ‘Hospital Universitario’. It hurts a lot seeing him in an incubator. He was in an area where there are babies in risk of something bad happening to them. and it is here that we started knowing more of God,” explained Raul.

Within his first week of life, Cristo underwent a surgery to treat his hydrocephalus. Just three weeks after his first surgery, the doctors detected a heart disease. Another surgery would be necessary.

Cristo picture

“That surgery hurt us more because I remember that after the procedure we went out to see him. They took him to intensive care and that’s where he got worst. At this time, we really started seeking God, so it was a tough process,” said Caty.

Against all odds, and being so young, Cristo came out victorious following these two surgeries.

Nine Years Old and Happy

Fast forward to today, and Cristo has nine years under his belt. He’s been exposed to plenty of doctors, nurses and hospitals.

But, his parents describe him as a happy and kind kid. Cristo loves to dance, hang out with people and in spite of his scary beginnings enjoys life. He however is facing another health challenge: Scoliosis.

“The scoliosis was always there since he was little. We know surgeries are expensive and honestly, we do not have the money to cover this big expense, but we prayed to God and we asked Him for help,” said Raul.

CHRISTUS is the Hope for Cristo  

When Caty found out about CHRISTUS Muguerza Hospital Alta Especialidad would perform a surgery day to treat patients with Scoliocis she immediately enrolled her son. She wanted to learn more about their surgical program and of the possibility that the team could help treat her son.

To her surprise, Criso was accepted as a candidate for surgery. The doctors from Hospital Alta Especialidad and the Global Spine Outreach gave Caty the good news and officially confirmed that Cristo would be selected to undergo surgery.

Due to the curvature of Cristo’s spine, one of his lungs was reduced in size and was pressing against his heart. It was to be this surgery, at CHRISTUS Muguerza Hospital Alta Especialidad, that would help Cristo’s lungs grow naturally and no longer run the risk of pressing against his heart.  In addition to this, Cristo would be able to have improved posture. He would be able to walk  better and as a young boy he would be given the opportunity to have more confidence amongst his peers and others.

“I thank God for all those who participated and collaborated in the healing of my son. Their lives are true blessings for many and certainly for the little ones. To  see my child is getting better is something amazing,” explained Raul.

In CHRISTUS MUGUERZA, Cristo and his parents have found the hope they were seeking. The Scoliosis procedure was a success and now Raul and Caty, are more ready than ever to start a new phase of life next to Cristo. Their child, they say, has taught them not to ever quit even in the face of adversity.

A Childhood Dream

Now they have another dream to fulfill for their son. Cristo wants to meet his favorite soccer player, André-Pierre Gignac, a striker from “Tigres” Soccer Club. Cristo is learning French for Gignac’s benefit. Cristo wants to be prepared should he ever get to meet his hero. Young Cristo hopes to exchange a couple of words with the French professional soccer player.

“Cristo is our only son. We love him with all our heart,” said Caty with much gratitude.

“Yes, it has been difficult,” she explained.  “But, we know that after this something better is coming. Right now we are experiencing this and we are seeing CHRISTUS and what you’re doing. You want my son to have a better quality of life. I don’t know how to pay you. I thank all that you do and all the people that make this possible, I will never stop thanking you. I feel like a very blessed woman.”

cristo mom and dad
Caty, Raul and Cristo