CHRISTUS Health Associates who are part of the Health, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion group organized a special awareness campaign honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Dr. King’s courage has served as  an inspiration and a demonstration for the work we do here at CHRISTUS Health,” said Marcos Pesquera , R.Ph., MPH, the system vice president for community benefit, health equity, diversity and inclusion at CHRISTUS Health. “As a Catholic health ministry, our work for health equity comes from our belief in the inherent dignity of each person, our commitment to the common good and our concern for those who are vulnerable or marginalized,”


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Marcos Pesquera


More than 50 years after his death, Dr. King and his vision continue to provide hope and inspiration to the world. CHRISTUS Health celebrates his life and legacy everyday by our actions and through our mission, “to extend the Healing Ministry of Christ.” and we do this regardless of race, religion  or economic status.

CHRISTUS Health Associate, Joe Mouton spearheaded the effort to enlist personal feedback from other CHRISTUS Associates on how  Dr. King’s words and actions continue to influence their lives.

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“This was our first year undertaking this project. I felt like it was something needed. We celebrate Dr. King every year with pictures and words from the great Dr. King. However, I wanted to know what others thought. How did he impact them?,” explained Mouton.

“We received a moderate response, but this was our first year. I hope we continue to hear from others and showcase the positiveness that came out of this leader’s work.”

The following are a few of the responses CHRISTUS Health’s Health, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion group received.