CHRISTUS Interns in Action

In celebration of National Intern Day, CHRISTUS Health isn’t shy about bragging on their bunch.

We’ve partnered with @WayUp to celebrate #NationalInternDay on July 25. Go to to vote for CHRISTUS Health as a Top 100 Internship Program!

There are 22 interns calling CHRISTUS Health their home away from their college homes.

Five of those 22 interns are working in San Antonio at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System. The others are at the CHRISTUS Health Headquarters in Dallas.

Not every internship experience is the same, but at CHRISTUS the talent management department aims to give each of their outstanding college students an opportunity to gain significant experience working in unique aspects of health care

The interns are part of  a 10-week paid program, and they get to develop their skill sets, experience a variety of relationships, accomplish tasks, complete projects and also learn about themselves through a variety of in-depth personality and leadership tests.

The group will graduate from the program on August 2nd. But, some have extended the stay, and plan to come back next summer while two others have been extended job offers within the organization.

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