CHRISTUS Stands Against Racial Injustice and Violence

As our nation mourns the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and many others, our country’s attention has turned to the racial prejudice and injustice that still exist in our society today.

As an organization, we cannot turn away from any kind of violence, and must condemn all violations of human dignity. CHRISTUS Health will continue to work to act in ways that will bring about lasting change for our communities and our nation.

As a Catholic health ministry, our work for health equity flows from our belief in the inherent dignity of each person, our commitment to the common good and our concern for those who are vulnerable or marginalized.

Health equity, diversity and inclusion aren’t things we just started talking about recently. We’ve been committed to them since our beginnings.

Our Sponsors have reminded us that we have a responsibility “to stand in solidarity with those who suffer. . .with those who are on the margins, those who are vulnerable, those whose lives are in danger, and to work tirelessly to eliminate the causes of their suffering.” In one of the calls that created our ministry, Bishop Dubuis, the first Bishop of Texas, wrote, “Our Lord Jesus Christ, suffering in the persons of a multitude of the sick and infirm of every kind, seeks relief at your hands.”

CHRISTUS Health doesn’t just provide health care. We alleviate suffering and change lives for the better. We are woven into the fabric of our communities, and we come alongside our neighbors and friends when they most need us. We provide hope and healing for patients in their darkest hours. We provide support during their lives’ greatest joys. We provide meaningful occupations. We provide an example of what faith-based decision-making looks like.

That’s why our mission is as bold and all-encompassing as “to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.” It requires all of us, and ensuring that we care for all those who need us is not the job of one person or one department.

But ensuring that we provide care that is equitable and without regard to race, class, national origin, or gender identity is so vital to who we are that we have a department of Associates who are committed to guiding that work.

CHRISTUS Health condemns racism and acts of violence and will work to bring positive change when we find acts of injustice or structural inequality. We are all committed to this work, to listen deeply and act decisively, and we look forward to partnering with those who are also working to make a real difference in the communities we serve.