CHRISTUS #OnMyHeart Campaign Highlights Heart Month

To shine a light on the fight against heart disease, CHRISTUS Physician Group (CPG) and CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic (CTC) launched the inaugural #OnMyHeart campaign, lending a voice to caregivers across CHRISTUS Health who are on the frontlines of cardiac care every day.

Essentially, #OnMyHeart is a video series that gives these clinicians a chance to share heart care stories, personal or professional, in a way that resonates with the people they serve. Each speaker is sharing why heart health is important to them while highlighting the significance of heart care, prevention and overall health.

Each video begins the same way, because we are all in this fight together: ‘It’s on my heart to share with you…’

Then, CPG and CTC physicians have a chance to speak personally, and to tell a story in their community– to explain to people why heart health is extremely important to them and to their friends, family and neighbors.

We have all heard the facts and figures, and we all understand that heart disease is a threat in all our lives. The goal with this campaign is to break through the standard awareness messages and impact people to help improve their lives.

The personal messages are meant to connect viewers and encourage heart health and to help prevent future heart issues like major heart attacks or health complications.

To take a look at all the heartfelt videos visit: