Since 1776, this country has built a foundation on the premise that every person deserves the right to have a say in the decisions that affect their way of life.  Voting is the first step in showing how you feel and think. When we participate in elections by voting, we give strength to our country – and the entire health care industry.

In America, we enjoy the freedom of living in a democracy where everyone has a chance to have an opinion and to be heard.  Yet freedom does not come without responsibility.  CHRISTUS Health understands the importance of community involvement. In fact, the organization encourages all Associates to play a significant part in our democracy by voting this year.

In a normal election year, CHRISTUS Advocacy is busy holding Get out the Vote registration drives in our hospitals. However, as the pandemic lingers, CHRISTUS looks to other ways to reach out and make sure the many hard-working Associates feel empowered to take time to vote.

This year, as part of the health system’s CHRISTUS Cares CHRISTUS Votes initiative, CHRISTUS Cares CHRISTUS Votes is going digital, again. From engaging Facebook frames to billboard graphics and flyers, all Associates working and living in Texas are encouraged to vote in the March 1 Texas Primary Election.

In early January, CHRISTUS ministry leaders deployed a letter of encouragement, strongly encouraging Associates to make sure they are registered to vote by the January 31 deadline. And, to educate themselves on the candidates and their positions and to exercise their constitutional right and privilege to vote. CHRISTUS Health also urges Associates to know who is on the ballot through the Texas Secretary of State’s Office.

As a reminder, if you do not have time on Election Day to vote and cannot access a mail-in/absentee ballot, you are allowed to take up to two hours off without loss of pay for this purpose.

The public officials we elect will make important decisions regarding health care policy and funding that will affect the future of our hospital and patients. All of us have a vital role in choosing who gets to make these decisions.