More than Just a Gym

Most of us have probably been there, we’re approaching the end of the year and we start to think about the goals we want to accomplish. Jillian Fertig, Host of CHRISTUS Health’s podcast, CHRISTUS Calling interviews a certified personal trainer and a fitness facility manager at CHRISTUS Good Shepherd Institute for Healthy Living and takes a closer look at starting a fitness journey.

“I tell you right now the hardest thing for new people is walking through the door. It is the hardest thing. But once you get here, it’s easy. You just go to the desk, you know you have a conversation with whoever’s at the desk that can set you up with what we have a consultation so as your basically a brief overview of all the equipment that you may be interested in,” said Jesse Alejandro, Certified Personal Trainer: CHRISTUS Good Shepherd Institute for Health Living. “You can go as far as getting an assessment and that takes into you know tissue muscular strength, muscular endurance flexibility, though your body composition so being my body fat percentage skin folds, and then if you’d like a trainer to go more in-depth we started off at the recess for $9. So go rate thing does basically just a bit of program that pertains just to you. That’s the easiest way to get into the door, I believe.”

Get inspired. Listen here: More Than Just a Gym: How the CHRISTUS Institute for Healthy Living Fitness and Aquatics Center Offers Hope and Healing to the Community